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What is this?

Hi! I'm Shan Naziripour .

I write this comic mostly to vent my current thoughts and frustrations. I've always loved a single panel style comic. Something that required little context to understand.

The format is the single panel comic with

I'm trying to get better at this- so I'm always up for feedback. Rewrite any of the captions and send it to me. Click the ✐ button next to the caption to try your own caption.

That would be awesome.

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You’re tracking cookies

Did you know?

Every site you go to carries cookies. Every place you request for shares information about where you've been what you've done. It's invisible and happens behind the scenes.

Let’s blow this popsicle stand

Sometimes you just wanna run anarchy with your friends and wreak chaos.

You’re too old for candy

I always feel that adults judge other adults for dressing up. When did an adult make you feel ashamed of playing dressup?

Cupcake? More like a muffin in disguise!

And to be honest I much prefer a good old bran muffin

“Quick hide the mango pudding!”

Remember the silly things you’d do with friends?

This was when we'd go to all you can eat sushi and order 50 mango puddings and hide what we couldn't eat in the teapot

I can’t eat tacos gracefully but can’t eat enough of them

Who doesn't love a taco? Delicious, nutritious, and perfectly portioned.

It's just so difficult to enjoy them without the innards spilling all over the place.

Mmmm salad

I feel obligated to eat healthily. Vegetables and leafy greens are great, but I'd much prefer to be eating fries and ketchup.

I feel like a rabbit. It's hard to know what's good for your body.

Sometimes we feel like a small fry

It's interesting how quickly we can feel like nothing. Our headspace can change in an instant, and a challenge looms like a massive obstacle.

But the beautiful part of humans is when we rise to that challenge and overcome it.

Hot tubs — human soup

I love a bath - it raises your blood so you can come back to your body. And for someone who's in their head constantly, it's a great reminder to get out of your head.

Pick Nic, Picnic,

I'm just a huge fan of alliteration and playing with words as though somehow the answer has always been there right in front of your face, and you just needed to re-arrange the words to find new meaning.

Or just nonsense.

Poutine was a luxury in high school only the rich kids ate

Growing up, we were not the richest, and I would make myself cheese sandwiches with Kraft singles. Sometimes I would forget to unwrap the cheese slice. The rich kids would eat poutine, and I would stare up at them in envy.

Now I may overeat poutine.

Yah I know guac is extra

Yes, I eat at Subway, and yes, I love it, and yes, I may say this all the time.

Because you know what?

Avacado is a good kind of fat.

tv and ice tea crystals were my weird addiction when I was a kid, but really just sugar

I loved those ice tea crystals from Costco as a kid. I would sit down in front of the TV and lick my finger and stick it in the tub and scoop up some crystals, and put it right back in my mouth. On top of being unsanitary, I would do this every day.

Sugar was a huge part of my diet as a kid.

My eyes get tired on zoom

I don't know if anyone else gets this, but Zoom or any video conference exhausts me. I don't think it's like "Zoom Fatigue," but I legitimately want to gouge out my eyes. I hate it with a passion. I don't want to see an image of my face or fixate on a snapshot of your face. Connecting to a picture of you is not the same as connecting to your voice. I don't know if anyone agrees with me, but now video conferencing is the norm, and I know it's better to reach out than wall myself.

I have to be okay with wanting to gouge my eyes out on the regular.

Otter play

In gay terms, I'm an otter: Slender and hairy, and playful. There is a significant typecasting among gay men.

I wonder why that is.

You should... know better.

A colleague said this to someone in a meeting and I got triggered by it, maybe because it sounds like what I tell myself. Don’t should others, don’t shit on yourself.

I forget how amazing my body is, how I can breathe and fart at the same time. Don’t forget to hug yourself

Amidst all my shortcomings, I forget to honor my body. Appreciate the art that I'm able to exist and be here in this moment breathing, seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling. I may only be smelling my farts.

But that means I should grab hold and squeeze harder than ever before.

Lost? Looking? Keep searching. You’ll find it

Dating is exhausting sometimes. So when you are tired, take a break and keep going. You'll find it because it will constantly be changing. And remember, you're never lost.

You're right where you were supposed to be, even if that's not where you were hoping to be.

Maybe I lost my marbles? Is that what I’m looking for?

I love the phrases with a double meaning. To lose one's marble is to lose one's mind. What part of your mind does the marble represent? Your thoughts? Part of your identity?

It's a curious conundrum, but the more I think about it the more mad I get.

Or am I looking for a card? I don’t think I’ve got a full deck here...

I love the phrases with a double meaning. Not having a full deck means you're deficient in some way.

A lot of the time, I feel like that.

It’s nuts, nothing makes sense.

I love the phrases with a double meaning. "Its nuts" is such a simple statement that refers to the environment being mad. Do you ever feel the world doesn't make sense every way you try to look at it?

Now, why do nuts represent that? Even more maddening.

Nuts, then you remember how they give you cramps and you just wish you could be normal, yay irritable bowel syndrome

I've struggled with IBS for most of my life. It's manageable, but I get flare-ups every once in a while. I wish my body would be okay; still, I'm constantly monitoring what I eat and how it makes me feel. And some things like nuts can flare things up.

It's not great, but it's life.

And sometimes, for weeks on end, all I can stomach is toast and rice.

*Stares into the abyss of nothingness as this weighted blanket holds me down*

I miss human contact so I got a weighted blanket, I’m not sure if it’s comforting or just gravity telling me to go deep into the earth.

Rub a dub dub, me in a tub

One thing I do love is baths, it’s calming and brings you back to your body. I forget my body all the time.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnn. I wish I was touching my toes. I wish I was better

In a world where we idolize the extraordinary it’s okay to exist and not be the best.

You are great the way you are

Sometimes things are better upside down.

I get so frustrated so I try to look at things from a new perspective.

It’s funnier that way.

Don’t die

I’m learning to drive as a 34 year old and all I repeat in my head is don’t die.

Driving is madness - maneuvering a metal box while accelerating at ridiculous speeds and you’re supposed to not crash?!

Give me space

When you’re going through tough times some people say you need to be smothered with more love more hugs as though that will fix things.

And sometimes I need space.

… space to dance with no one watching

I'm a terrible dancer, I want to be fluid but my body will only move so far and

Worship of false idols

I tend to fixate on beauty and putting things on pedestals when in fact I think I should get my head out of my ass.

It’s pretty dark in there.

Suns out buns out

We were blessed with some sun today and when the it does come out here it’s honoured and appreciated

I’ll take this as a suppository.

My nephew is getting suppositories which reminded me of the time I too was getting suppositories as a kid. I don’t remember why, but I was always shocked how you could absorb medicine that way.

Like I always thought wasn’t I just going to poop it out after?

911? A bird pooped on me, I need an ambulance... and a hairdresser

It's funny how being shit on can mess up your entire day.

Also funny how dramatic I can be.


I did the CrossFit open 21.1 and got 80 reps 🎉

Damn there were a lot of doubleunders which I can't even do without 10 attempts.

I’m all wound up

I got scoliosis so I constantly feel twisted and awkward. And sometimes it flares up and my back will spasm.

In my 20's I really stuggled with my back and for a summer became immobile from over stretching in yoga. It's been a tough journey and my back will never be perfect but it's functional.

I’ve learned to tend to my hump.

Me this morning

I didn’t set an alarm, missed my morning workout, forgot to put a cup in the coffee machine, and hit the side mirror on the car.

Some days are not yours.

When you see your fellow weirdo on the street

I saw a friend on the street and could not be more excited to do a little dance. Thank you @julie_explores for doing that dance with me

I failed my road test

You prepare yourself as much as you can. You practice, you take a course, you meditate and take a breath to calm your nerves and you still fail. It makes you feel like all your efforts were a waste of time

Guess I gotta pick myself up. Booked my second test and will try again. Because all of that work was worthwile.


I did the CrossFit Open 21.2 with 223 reps, just 2 reps from finishing


I started doing hypnotherapy for my IBS, we’ll see how this experiment goes.

Maybe I’ll unlock my subconscious

Ew yogurt and beats

Yes my dad made this for Naw Ruz. Aparently a common persian dish.

Up all night, because of farts

I had a coconut yogurt that kept me up all night. Lesson learned. No Silk yogurt.

Thank goodness I’m single

Getting in sticky situations...

I’m working on a mascot head for a sexy Pokémon burlesque show with @geekenders and it’s a sticky situation, spray glue is sticky and everywhere.

Let’s hope this doesn’t look like total trash more like trashy