I'm a developer, designer, and doodler.

I love problem solving. And work on engaging and interesting problems everyday. I learn, grow, and work in a space that I love .

I live and work in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The web is amazing and currently the field I'm excited to be working in.

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Simulator Evaluation & Assessment System 2015

Built an evaluation system using AngularJS and Firebase.

Worked with client to extract requirements and determine the best approach to achieve goals

Designed the web app to be loaded on a mobile device and support intermittent connectivity

  • Supported evaluations of up to two participants at the same time
  • Allowed evaluators to review results with students
  • Enables administrators to change questions and weighting on forms

Conference Website 2015

Designed a simple conference website for the ACM conference

  • Collaborated with client to determine a simple look and feel for the conference
  • Built template HTML theme to be used by non-designers

Career Navigator 2014

Developed a competency management system using AngularJS and .NET.

  • Created an interactive timeline to show student progress in learning plan
  • Performed series of usability testing on the product to improve UX

Course Scheduler 2013

Lead the design of a course scheduling system using AngularJS and .NET.

  • Built to match their process in scheduling courses for the year
  • Supported their day to day operations with thousands of students a year
  • Collaborated with clients with series of mockups and prototypes before coming to the final product

Interactive Course 2012

Built and taught an Interactive Course on HTML5 and CSS3 to High School Girls interested in Computer Science.

Engaged with students and let them try out what was being taught for themselves.

Used an array of tools to actively predict the pace of the class.

  • Built Interactive HTML5 Slides
  • Developed Tools for Students to try it themselves
  • Adjusted to Student needs and tailored presentations to the group

Focal Filter 2010

Co-authored a free Windows productivity tool which has been downloaded over 10,000 times and featured on CNET and CBS Radio.

Focal Filter Site Screenshot

Try out Focal Filter for yourself.

Try It

  • User-friendly
  • One Block, All Browsers
Focal Filter Screenshot

Focal Filter was slimmed down to provide an easy to use interface.

BC Cancer Agency

Built a Medical Document Management System.

BC Cancer Agency Screenshot

Developed to provide the most intuitive and effective point of entry for Doctors and medical professionals.

  • Extensive Browser Support including Internet Explorer 6
  • Rich Document Management System
BC Cancer Agency Screenshot
BC Cancer Agency Screenshot

Document Editing facilitated the building of technical documents through dynamic autocompletion.

Artist Portfolio

Designed a minimalistic layout and interaction for an artist's portfolio site.

anngoldberg.com Screenshot

Want to see this site? Ann Goldberg


Developed from the ground up a multi-purpose community SAS solution.

AssociCom Screenshot

Specialized in the front end work on the project.

Coder Fixer

A social community for code collaboration with a re-visioning system including rating and commenting.

Code Fixer Screenshot

Code Fixer enabled fast and easy visualization of changes to the code.


An academic social bookmarking and networking site.

Brainify Screenshot

Brainify enabled students to easily categorize, tag, and share the web with their class and the world.

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Shan Naziripour

Front End Web Deleveloper living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Love yoga, making outrageous costumes, and shiny new toys. Namaste!

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